About Us /

Read below for more details on the Emerald Society, why we exist and what we strive to achieve.


Promote an understanding of the Irish Community within the Police Service;

Provide advice and support to our member base; Act as a reference for cultural issues affecting front line policing; Represent our members views strategically and review policies as a member of SAMURAI;

Organise / Play an active role in Irish related Social Events; Foster music, sport and culture by supporting the Hendon Gaels (Gaelic Football), Emerald Society Pipes and Drums and Ladies Football Teams;

Engage with Irish in Britain (formerly Federation of Irish Societies) an umbrella community group representing Irish grass roots views nationally throughout Great Britain.



Chairperson - Mr P.O'D

Assistant Chair - Mr J.M

Treasurer - Mr P.C

Assistant Treasurer - Mr. J.M

Secretary - Mrs M.P

Media & Events - Ms J.C

Membership - Mr P.H and Mr A.B


We are a diverse and friendly society with members coming from all walks of life and as would be expected with the Irish/Celtic culture we always welcome new friends no matter where in the world you hail from. We encourage officers from other constabularies within the UK who would like to speak to us about starting branches within their own force to contact us. Additionaly we have made many friends from USA and other European forces and always like to hear from you if you are coming to London.